Just One More Night (Part Two)

Slight trigger warning of abuse attached to this part. Nothing too graphic, but it is mentioned nevertheless. Please do not read if abuse is a trigger to you.

I detected the footsteps stomping down the stairs like a herd of buffalo before I heard his voice. “Hey, Dad, can I have an extra sandwich for lunch?”

My fingers froze where they were, in the middle of folding up his paper bag filled with lunch contents as my eyes flew up to meet his. Mantis stopped on the other side of the counter and leaned on it casually, a gleam of hope twinkling in his green eyes. His purple hair, the hair he inherited from me — the hair his mother tried to hide from her previous boyfriend — looked rather striking against the rest of his green features, and even though his hair was shorter than mine, it fell into his eyes constantly. And, like usual, it did so now as he was trying to judge my expression.

I smiled and shook my head, a laugh escaping from my mouth. “Still going through a growth spurt, sport?”

Mantis was always asking for more food for lunch for at least a month now. And, whenever he spent the night here, he would just scarf down his food like it was the only meal he had eaten that entire day. He also happened to be especially hungry after he came here from Gamma’s, but there was no evidence of her not feeding him. I stopped by her house early multiple times, and each time I stopped by, Mantis always was eating something. Besides, I think Gamma learned her lesson after that last custody hearing.


“I guess,” Mantis shrugged, “so….can I?”

“Of course,” I said.

Luckily, I still had the things I needed still out, so I began working on his other sandwich right away.

“Have you heard from your brother lately?” I asked him.  Continue reading

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Just One More Night (Part One)

Just One More Night (Part One)

“Hey…Slate?” My friend Pan’s voice interrupted the concentration I had focused on finishing my drink, and I flicked my eyes towards him, without ever allowing my lips to leave the cool glass as I raised my eyebrows, giving him my attention. His hands were wrapped around his nectar glass like he wanted nothing more than to take a sip of it, but his eyes and his short attention span were trained on something behind me. “Isn’t that your psycho ex-girlfriend?”

Not really thinking anything of it, since Pan was notorious for trying to get a reaction out of me, I finished what was left in my glass before I set it down and said, “Yeah, okay, idiot.”

I doubted that Gamma would come to a place like this — she knew it was where my friends and I hung out, and we weren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment. Even just thinking her name stirred my unsettled anger towards her, but I didn’t get too worked up over it.

Pan shot me a look before he looked over my shoulder once again. Huh, my mind said, he looks pretty convinced. I found myself rolling my eyes and, despite my doubt, I turned around in my chair to humor Pan. I scanned behind me for only a moment or two before I started to turn back towards Pan to call him a moron again when I froze.

The contents of my stomach — which contained a burger and some fries from a while ago — sloshed around, and a cold, numbing feeling spread throughout my entire body. I would recognize that petite figure of hers anywhere.

My ex-girlfriend, Gamma Rae, actually was in this bar, several feet behind where I sat.  Continue reading

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Just Curious

I apologize in advance because this is nothing update/special related, but I was just extremely curious about which generation has been your favorite so far. I was figuring that, since we’re halfway through, now would be the perfect time to ask. I also believe it’ll help me…gather some insight, so to speak. :]

If you would also be willing, if you do vote for your favorite, could you also possibly respond in the comments (or elsewhere if you prefer) about why that generation was your favorite?

Thank you!


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I poked my head out from behind the crates, surveying the scene with wide eyes as I tried to calm my heartbeat. I couldn’t let my heart pump with too much adrenaline…or they would know. The last thing any of us needed was for them knowing what we were planning on doing. If they knew…it would all be over. Everything. They wouldn’t take any mercy on us, not even on the ones who weren’t involved.

If we were caught now, we would all be in peril. Continue reading

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Small Hiatus

Sorry everybody, but I seem to have bit off more than I can chew.

Figuring out how to balance school and writing with very little off time (most of my off days are super busy) on my plate at once is definitely challenging. I’m trying really hard to balance it all, but the small cracks in my plate are starting to grow, so I am going to need to take a small hiatus again. The classroom phase of my cosmetology program will wrap up around the end of October, and then I will be on the floor full time. Once I’m on the floor full time doing services, I will not be as busy as I am now.

I would also like to write a few more chapters/specials/things in advance so I could still update (or, at the very least, post something extra) when I become super busy again (because we all know it’ll happen sometime), so I am hoping that this hiatus will end in early to mid November.

If I can post something before then, I will, but I seriously doubt that I will be able to post on a regular schedule again until then.

I’m really sorry to keep doing this to you, but if I continued to try and add regularly updating to my schedule…things would not end well. The updates won’t be as good of quality as they could be, and neither you or I would be happy with low quality updates.

I really, really am sorry about this, but it is for the best, and it is not permanent. Once my schedule isn’t as busy, I will reply to all the comments left during this time.

Thank you so much for understanding. :]

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Gen 6 ~ Strawberry Clementine ~ Chapter Five

Chapter Five: The Roommate

“Yes, I’m Strawberry,” I responded automatically, the words leaving my mouth without a moment to spare. Relief flooded in his eyes, and he smiled at me once again.

As I gazed at the man, it became increasingly clear that he knew who I was, but I was convinced that I’ve never seen him before. I combed backwards in my memory, trying to recall if I have ever crossed paths with him before. Surely if we had met, or even if I had just seen him around campus, I would recognize him. I always had been able to identify faces rather well. After a quick search, I came to the same conclusion. I haven’t seen – or encountered – this berry anywhere…and yet he seemed to know me…did we know each other? Suddenly I wasn’t too sure. Have we met before, and I just don’t recall? I studied his features more closely, shifting through my memories one more time as my smile wavered.

“Could you refresh my memory,” I questioned, my eyebrows scrunching together, “have we met before?”

The blue berry shook his head, “Ah, no,” he started, the words pouring out of his mouth, “we haven’t met before. I’m Royal, Nepal’s roommate.”  Continue reading

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A note about future updates

Starting tomorrow, I am going to be a full-time cosmetology student. For the first three months or so I will be strictly in the classroom portion of the school doing quizzes, tests and homework. Everyone I talked to informed me of the same thing – the first two weeks of class are the hardest, most intense weeks there, and once you’ve gotten past that, it’s usually smooth sailing.

I wanted to let you all know so nobody would panic – this is in no way, shape or form, me canceling or quitting the rainbowcy. This thing is my baby, I adore it to no end, and I will continue with it. I just wanted to warn you that I might not post anything at all during the next few weeks (probably three weeks at the max) as I adjust to life as a cosmetology student…or it might not be as intense as everyone says and I will be able to post an update.

I honestly don’t know what it’ll be like, so there is no way to know whether I’ll have time to post or not at first. So…the upcoming updates for the next few weeks might be a little delayed, but it will not take me months between updates like it previously had been. I have a few chapters stockpiled in case something happens and I cannot write at all that week for some reason. I do not plan on leaving you all hanging again.

Once I get out on the floor, I should have more time freed up (because I won’t have to study as often/do as much homework) so the updates should be more frequent.

My days off are Sunday and Monday, so from now on, the updates will most likely be posted on one of those days.

I’m sorry that this wasn’t a really interesting post, and I don’t want to put anybody off who was here for the story only, but I wanted to clear up any confusion that might occur due to this :).

I apologize greatly for how long it has taken me to get generation six rolling, but if you’ve stuck with me this long – or even if you’ve just discovered this blog/story – THANK YOU, and I am positive that it’ll be worth it. <3

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