Gen 6 ~ Strawberry Clementine ~ Chapter Seven Part Two

Chapter Seven Part Two: The Basement

My eyes went wide.

A merberry.

I could hardly comprehend what my eyes were seeing, but they did not betray me.
Mishka was, with the utmost clarity, a merberry.

All my life I had heard how merberries went extinct, but…alas…that was not true. It became so crystal clear why he was down here — he came down here because nobody ever did. He came down here to be able to swim and be a merberry in peace. My gaze flicked up, noticing that Mishka had his head tilted to the side, his eyebrows brought together in confusion at my shocked expression. He didn’t realize that I could see his scales. I tried my best to put a neutral expression on my face, but that only made Mishka’s head tilt even more to the side. Every muscle in my body screamed at me to keep his gaze, to refuse the desire to gaze at his scales, to stop myself from imposing and being rude, but I wasn’t successful. My curiosity was greater than my mind. I snuck a glance at his scales.

The colors bled seamlessly together, but the closer I looked, I realized that something was..different. Instead of being a brilliant shade like his skin, hair, and eyes were, like I had originally thought, his scales were actually slightly tinted white, and it appeared that some of them were flaking off. That didn’t exactly look like a good sign, but I didn’t know much about merberries — nobody did — so…maybe that was normal for them?

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Gen 6 ~ Strawberry Clementine ~ Chapter Seven Part One

Chapter Seven Part One: The Basement

“My roots are coming in big time,” Ember commented as she, Azul and I made our way into the campus gym.

It was the final weekend of November, and my workload had calmed down to the point where I was finally able to accept Azul’s workout offer. This was my first time going to the campus gym to work out in a group, and I was beyond excited. None of the others were able to join us, but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed spending time with Azul. Ember…well…Ember was a tad bit harder to be around, but that didn’t stop me from trying. She was just a bit rougher around the edges than others, and that was alright. Besides, it was I who did the stupid things to upset her.

Azul and I glanced in Ember’s direction. Ember pulled her hair from her head, her eyes focused upwards on the orange streaks of hair closest her forehead.

A pfft noise came somewhere from Azul’s throat as she let out a snort, rolling her eyes, “Is that really all you can focus on right now? Your hair?”

Ember shot Azul a look from the corner of her eye before her attention returned to her hair once again. “You worry about your hair as well.”

“Not when we’re going to go work out.” Azul pointed out with a sigh, “Alright, how about this: we work out for an hour or so, stop by a store and we’ll get you the dye so we can dye it back at my dorm. So, we’ll have you set for that bonfire tonight.” Azul said as we made our way further into the gym.

Ember stopped in her tracks and let go of her hair, her eyes full of excitement as she looked at Azul with a slightly opened mouth, “For real? You’d dye my hair for me?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about dying mine — or at least putting some of that hair chalk in it — for that party tonight. I’ve dyed hair before. It’s super easy.”

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75,000 View Special

75,000 View Special

The moon illuminated the path in front of me, and I knelt down so I could get a better look at the creature who stood frozen several paces before me. It was white and furry, probably soft, too, with big, round eyes that reflected the moonlight, and a cute puff ball for a tail. The creature also had long white ears, perked straight up. I’d seen rabbits my entire life, but I had never gotten so close to one before.

The closest I had ever gotten to a rabbit was whenever I gazed out the window and one just happened to be in the yard. How often I used to gazed out the window, unfortunately, was a lot. Over the past six months, however, that changed. I grew more determined to achieve the thing I desired most in the world.

I wanted to feel the sun on my face, my arms, my legs…my skin. I didn’t want to only have to read about what the sun felt like. I wanted to experience it. I didn’t want to have to rely on solely blood for my survival. I wanted to eat all the amazing foods Dad and Thistle gushed about. I didn’t want to be immortal. I didn’t want to be a vampberry. So, six months ago, I decided that I would stop sitting around feeling sorry for myself if there was something I could do about my condition.

I set out on a quest to become mortal. I didn’t know if such a thing was possible, but…if I had forever to figure it out.

From what little I understood, rabbits were timid creatures that would run away if anything came too close to them, but this rabbit did not run. It stayed paralyzed in front of me, its heartbeat going off the charts. My throat had an automatic response to the sound of the heartbeat, straining itself with the desire to taste the rabbit’s blood, even though I had already fed earlier tonight.

I had never gotten control over my thirst. Not completely, anyways.

But I was determined not to hurt this rabbit.
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False Assumptions

False Assumptions

“Here’s a toast,” Bay started, and all the side-conversations and laughter faded away as everyone in the room turned their attention to him. Once he knew he had everyone’s attention, Bay raised his plastic cup, and the nectar inside sloshed over the side of the cup and landed on the floor with a splash, but nobody besides me paid attention to it. Everyone was waiting for him to continue, and once I looked up to meet his eyes, he smirked. “Here’s a toast to Nova here for alerting us to the fact that the rainbowing Shamrock Plaza was on fire. You really are the town’s Golden Boy, aren’t you?”

As everyone around me began to raise their cups up as well, I felt a grimace trying to display on my face. I absolutely hated it when they called me that — Bay knew that — but it never seemed to stop them. No matter how many times I asked them to, they would never stop. Do one ‘heroic’ thing when you were younger and you get slapped with the title “Town Hero” or “Golden Boy”. The more I objected to my “title”, as they called it, the more they used it and called me humble. The less I objected to my “title”, the more they used it and called me arrogant and completely full of myself. There was no winning, so I eventually just accepted it. The “Golden Boy” was all I was going to be known as.

I bit the inside of my cheek and took a deep breath before I pushed myself off of the wall. “I wasn’t the only one who happened to be off-duty and there at the time of the start of the fire, Bay.” Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make a Christmas Special this year (which I sincerely apologize about) but I hope you have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it)! Happy Holidays! :]

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Gen 6 ~ Strawberry Clementine ~ Chapter Six

Chapter Six: A Helping Hand

As night fell, the vampberry’s irritation festered and grew until it consumed him.

He was waiting in the hills above the Moonbean Falls University campus, staring out into the fading light until it was safe enough for him to venture from his hiding spot deep within the trees. The trees provided just enough shade to keep him away from what was left of the sun’s rays, allowing his annoyance and hatred to grow in the darkness. He knew he could not trust mortals, he knew that from the beginning, but…why was he still surprised? The mortal he had employed obviously did not value his own life, for if he did, he would have brought the girl to the vampberry by now. It had been four months since the vampberry first came in contact with the mortal. Four months since he had sent the mortal to find Crimson Blood’s daughter.

Four months of absolutely nothing.

An infant mortal would have been able to accomplish more in four months than this worthless, pathetic, young “adult” mortal, the vampberry thought in disdain. He should have been expecting the mortal to come up empty handed. Mortals were useless, but, unfortunately, the vampberry needed one. He was still in the same predicament that he was in four months prior. Moonbean Falls University had a wide variety of females of red origin, and there was no way he could investigate all of them thoroughly himself. He had to be absolutely certain that he had the correct girl. If he did not, the plan would fall through.

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Just One More Night (Part Two)

Slight trigger warning of abuse attached to this part. Nothing too graphic, but it is mentioned nevertheless. Please do not read if abuse is a trigger to you.

I detected the footsteps stomping down the stairs like a herd of buffalo before I heard his voice. “Hey, Dad, can I have an extra sandwich for lunch?”

My fingers froze where they were, in the middle of folding up his paper bag filled with lunch contents as my eyes flew up to meet his. Mantis stopped on the other side of the counter and leaned on it casually, a gleam of hope twinkling in his green eyes. His purple hair, the hair he inherited from me — the hair his mother tried to hide from her previous boyfriend — looked rather striking against the rest of his green features, and even though his hair was shorter than mine, it fell into his eyes constantly. And, like usual, it did so now as he was trying to judge my expression.

I smiled and shook my head, a laugh escaping from my mouth. “Still going through a growth spurt, sport?”

Mantis was always asking for more food for lunch for at least a month now. And, whenever he spent the night here, he would just scarf down his food like it was the only meal he had eaten that entire day. He also happened to be especially hungry after he came here from Gamma’s, but there was no evidence of her not feeding him. I stopped by her house early multiple times, and each time I stopped by, Mantis always was eating something. Besides, I think Gamma learned her lesson after that last custody hearing.


“I guess,” Mantis shrugged, “so….can I?”

“Of course,” I said.

Luckily, I still had the things I needed still out, so I began working on his other sandwich right away.

“Have you heard from your brother lately?” I asked him.  Continue reading

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